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Snorkel diving in Ningaloo reef

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Snorkeling is a sport that can be carried out in areas with generally very clean sea. The places where this sport is most enjoyable are the special areas where the sea floor has a rich structure. The Ningaloo reef in Western Australia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ningaloo reef is a newly opened and very well protected area for tourism. There are sponge gardens, gigantic reef formations and the world's most populated white whale population in the sea. The natural formations close to the surface and the clarity of the water make it a unique area for snorkeling. The...

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Mountain biking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The mountainous regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina were listed among the ’best adventure destinations eri by National Geographic in 2012. This virgin region, newly opened to tourism, promises a real adventure rather than an industrialized sport field. In each of the tiny villages on the cycling trail, you can find quite different cultures and stories. There are centuries old forests, hidden waterfalls and countless mountain lakes on this road, so you can take a break frequently. The course consists of two parts. After the steep slopes of the forest reach the hill, you are walking down the dirt roads comfortably....

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Look for adventure far away!

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Look for adventure far away!Are you tired of your routine? What do you say we do something that will raise adrenaline somewhere? If you want to go over the mountains by bike, or if you want to enjoy the excitement of diving into the sea with a variety of fish, if you want the speed of the sand dunes, the speed of an elephant in every moment you come across an elephant.Release the new you inside. At this stage, do not forget to take your KAUKKO backpack.

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A day on Mount Mammoth

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A day on Mount Mammoth;California is a popular place for us with its sunny weather, cosmopolitan structure and world-famous district like Hollywood, the cradle of the world of film. Mammoth Mountain in California is an adventure center. Located in the Eastern Sierra region, the mountain offers a fairly high snow thickness of 14 meters during the winter. There are 150 different tracks in the ski center where you can ski or snowboard between the heights of 3 thousand 369 meters and 2 thousand 424 meters. Mammoth Mountain is the stopover point for many tourists in summer with its natural wonders...

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Top 8 Best Loved Hiking Trails All Around The World

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where to hike? what are the best places? best hiking trails all around the world. Our list of 8 amazing places..

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Our Followers Vol1

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Lester PlattFollow him @lesterplattFind more about him, projects & his great accomplishments:A great film maker, producer, traveler & photographer with so many gifted talents.. Capable of many things & a KAUKKO fan as well. Lester Platt Productions LLC NY-ATX Storyteller ūüé¨ Fashion/Commercial Photographer DP RED Cinema Camera owner ūüĒī Video Monthly Plans available Watch/Follow his #instafashionseries¬†¬† http://www.lesterplatt.com/corporate¬† ¬† ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pamela LottFollow her @besamor44 ¬†A great baseball fan with a spectacular travel vision. ¬†A wanderlust blogger with a great sense of humor. Her¬† ¬†main codes are travel, health & sports. ¬†She is into Yoga too. A colorful character from TX ....

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Why should not you be ordinary?

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Mediocrity is actually a recognized choice among people. You are not visible, you are not aware, you are almost lost .. It is a choice .. It is your own choice, from day to day, from ordinary to bored.

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How to use your backpack ?

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Do you know how to combine backpacks that provide comfort in your daily life?

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Preparation and maintenance of camping equipment

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Are you technically ready before your outdoor activity?

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About Our Social Responsibility Project

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Bus coating and painting in Aruba for the local buses are made & sponsored by KAUKKO in August 2017.. lovely colors and joyful moments 1.000 pieces are backpacks are handed out to the locals; including cruise line passengers  For the photos please follow the link: http://www.boncanta.com/blog/icerik/aruba-bus-coating-aruba-otobus-giydirmeleri  

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