KAUKKO product care

Please do remember the below cleaning description protocol for each unique KAUKKO product you purchase :

Canvas category:

*Rinse with water at room temperature for 3 hrs of time
*Do not use hot water (More than 30 C / 86 F) or detergent. The only liquid you can use to clean KAUKKO's ultimate organic cotton canvas bags is the vinegar (apple or grape BUT only 1 teaspoon)
*After cleaning, hang and store the product somewhere dry & ventilated rather than sun exposure. DO NOT PREFER DIRECT SUNLIGHT !!
*Separate different colors while washing/cleaning to avoid from staining.


100% waterproof category:

Only 2 rules apply:


*They are nano tech KAUKKO bags that can be cleaned and washed easily. 

*Try to use soap only while washing and prefer hand washing instead of mechanical cleaning.