Shipping & Claim Management


We try to diminish or eliminate shipping costs for each single KAUKKO product by choosing best, safest and lowest cost delivery model which we call 'free shipping' to 89 countries worldwide.

We distribute our products to 89 countries located in:

Northern Europe Zone, Western Europe Zone, Mid Europe Zone, Eastern Europe Zone, USA Zone, CANADA Zone, CARIBBEAN Zone, South America & Australia

Shipping duration may vary according to special locations, zones, seasons or time periods just like 'new year eve' , 'thanks giving', national holidays, bank holidays etc...

The Shipping operations are handled by TNT, UPS or DHL. Just relax; as of the 2018, we began to work with the world's best carrier companies. Safe & Ontime Deliveries  

All products are being fully insured before departing from KAUKKO's warehouse locations and are all fully refundable after the below claim management process:

In order to get a full refund, each customer needs to complete the following basic steps:

  1. Take a photo of the packages (inner package and the cargo package)
  2. Take a photo of the barcode area on the package
  3. Take a photo of the address area of the package
  4. Take a photo of the goods value area of the package

Just e-mail the photos to us with your order number & write a brief description about the incidence.